About the company

TOV "ESI PROMMETAL" at the link for the technical needs of the cooperation on the minds of the co-operative society using the method of the customer base of the company.

The company «ESI PROMMETALL» was created in 2013.

The mission of our company:

The development of the industry of Ukraine, the assistance to the small and medium businesses in the implementation of the projects
The improvement of the quality and the expansion of the range of the metalworking services;
the long-term and loyal relationship with the partners.

The trip on production

We work with more than 100 companies


Our goals for the future:

The expansion of the production base due to the saturation the manufacturing with the modern European equipment for the modernization of the services sector;
The development of the new product to meet the customer's need;
The creation of new jobs, the development of competence of the specialists;
The common projects with the international partners to share experience and develop the production processes.

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